Energizer inductive charger

Energizer Qi wireless chargerEnergizer inductive charger is a wireless charger which utilizes the merit of inductive transfer technology. It makes wires and solid contact points a forgotten thing. The performance of this device was sufficient to win it an award. However, its extreme incompatibility pushes it down the lineup of some magnificent varieties. It is compact and therefore very durable as compared to the other larger companions. However, this also reduces the amount of devices which can be charged at a go.

This device was formed prior to the 20th century turn. It has a three pound battery and a pioneer electric flashlight. They are among the premier makers of flashlights and batteries all over the world. They continue innovation and have devices which have early-adoption technologies, such as Qi protocol for the inductive charging systems. The charger takes advantage of the technology and enables the user to keep the machine charged with a drop-and-go ease.

Energizer Inductive Charger Review

Pro and con

This wireless charger is very durable and has a complete-charge shut off characteristic. The Energizer Inductive Charger is very durable for round the house basic usage. The solid plastic make enhances the durability of the device sufficient to cater for descent falls when the floor is not made of concrete. When the device is used to consolidate charging of many devices in the house, there will be no problems with it.

The wireless charger is only compatible with BlackBerry, Iphone 3GS/3G. This crippling incompatibility drags the wireless charger behind competition. If there is a device that is supposed to be charged using the wireless phone charger which is not in the above list of phones, a USB port which is at the top-right corner will accommodate them. However, the feature does not in any way expand the device’s compatibility; it does not accomplish it in a manner making it convenient as compared to the standard cord.
The wireless device does not hold up marvelously in more rugged uses.

Energizer Inductive Charger Features

The Energizer Inductive Charger is able to charge three devices at a go. However, it has the capacity of only charging two devices wirelessly. Its pad is large enough to enable it accommodate two devices, however, the third device can be charged simultaneously through the USB port. The wireless charger is able to put out a power of 15 watts. This allows it to handle three devices without a lot of problems. The wireless charger also possesses an automatic shut off. This stops sending power when a full charge is reached. This ensures that the device remains fully charged, thus, the wireless charger will not be able to pull a lot of power from the socket.

This Energizer Inductive Charger with the marvelous, respectable characteristics it possess, moderate customer service, worthwhile durability, makes it rate averagely in various comparisons. However, there should be a lot of cases for other devices or prominent mobile phones and attachments to accommodate other devices in a bid to elevate the compatibility of this wireless charger. Besides, manufacturer’s warranty should be looked into. The above additions would without doubt, assist in improving the performance of this device.

Qi Wireless Charging mat

Nexus Qi wireless chargerIn recent times, society has been shaped by technology. Technology is dynamic and its landscape changing at a remarkable rate given the new gadgets and gizmos unveiled each day. The advancements of technology have called for a paradigm shift requiring people to be dynamic and open to new ideas. The era of the smart phone and the tablets are the tipping point for the change that the current generation is set to experience. The rate at which new technology is being unveiled has in its wake brought about changes in society. In the past, various manufactures had different types of chargers for their phones. In as much as some still do, the trend has changed with most smart phones having standard charging ports and connectors. Derived from the energy symbol in Chinese, Qi (pronounced chee) is another tipping point in phone charging solution. It charges smart phones and other devices by magnetic induction. The technology is by the Wireless Power Consortium.

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